I am expecting divorce papers any day

I anticipate a very long, expensive court battle to retain any rights regarding my relationship with my daughter. I adopted my daughter, my wife is the biological mother.

I can see how this case raises serious legal and ethical questions, but I am still appalled by the situation. I love my daughter and I’m willing to do practically anything to maintain my relationship with her. How can a man father nine children that he cannot or will not provide for and still want to father more? This is the sort of case that gets a lot of publicity and it’s bad publicity.

Bad for every father who wants nothing more than to provide for and maintain a relationship with his children. Legislators will “run with this”. They will pass more laws in favor of mothers and against fathers to appease public opinion.

The resulting laws will make it even more difficult for a responsible father to maintain any sort of relationship with his children. This idiot is a liability to every responsible, caring father on earth.